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where is the Attached Collection version of the HOL

first post: lcbenson63 wrote: It was mentioned in the PDF HOL but I don't see it on the site

latest post: wschaub wrote: Could you give more context so that we can investigate please? Whic...

Figure 6 Latest Model

first post: GertGregers wrote: Hi Rangers, should the text for figure 6 not be "latest model" ins...

latest post: bhardister wrote: Yes, you're right. The error has been corrected in the upcoming rel...

Separate field for product/release

first post: bruccutler wrote: Hello, We were concerned with having fields that serve multiple pu...

latest post: bhardister wrote: Thank you Bruce! :)

Assigning Test Cases to the "backlog"

first post: bruccutler wrote: Hello, In this document you mention that you should "assign a test...

latest post: bruccutler wrote: Thank you. - Bruce

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